12 Best Upwork Jobs For Beginners You Can Do It (Ultimate Guide) 2023

Upwork Jobs For Beginners

We live in an era of technological advancements where the online work market is increasing daily. If you are a newbie and want to explore the right type of job to initiate your freelance career, you are at the right place. Upwork is one of the best freelance platforms for beginners and professionals in relevant fields.

You Can Do It! – Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners!

Although there are several other online earning platforms like Fiverr and PPH, our focus in this article will be on the best Upwork jobs for beginners. You can work on these platforms to sell your skills like content writing, graphic designing, web development, and others.

Discover the Top 12 Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners

Upwork provides a platform for sellers and buyers to meet and greet to do business. Your earning capacity depends upon several factors, including your skill type, experience, certifications, profile ranking, and work history. 

Depending upon the skill type, few online jobs are paid less comparatively. In this article, we will explain everything that you need to know about jobs on Upwork freelancers. 

Keep Your Pricing Low

A beginner like you should start your work at relatively lower rates to attract more clients. You can review your rates after getting some experience. We suggest you find your expertise and earn money online on Upwork.com For instance, you can do one of the following online work

  • Upwork Typing Jobs
  • Upwork Data Entry Jobs
  • Upwork Writing Jobs
  • Upwork Accounting Jobs
  • Location-based Jobs

There are several other options which are going to be explained in detail below.

Grunt Work

If you are a beginner on Upwork, we suggest you explore the grunt work category. The jobs under this category are pretty easy to perform and are less competitive for beginners if they keep their prices low at the start. By “low price,” we mean somewhere between $10 to $20.

You might think that why are people hiring on Upwork for such an easy task? It is because the job requires plenty of time, and the clients who lack time hire people on Upwork for the task to be done on time.

The course to success is quite simple. You need to earn Upwork’s trust by doing your assigned task on time without harming its quality. Over time, you will become one of the highest-paid freelancers on Upwork.

Transcription Gigs

Transcription is an exciting activity if you like to play with words and enjoy writing them creatively. Transcription refers to the activity of transforming audio into written text. Although these jobs are comparatively less paid, they are also easy to do. For example, transcription job options are listed below:

  • Legal transcription
  • Medical transcription
  • General transcription

Another big reason for suggesting transcription jobs is that there are plenty of tools available that can assist you in producing error-free content. These jobs require fast typing and good language skills, particularly in English. In simple words, any qualified person is fit for this task. 

Data Entry Jobs

You can look at countless options once you start your online work on Upwork reviews. One such option is the data entry job, which is easy, legit, and available in great numbers for freelancers.

Data Entry Jobs

The attractive point is that your client will pay higher rates for data entry work if you are an expert in particular niche writing. Data entry aims to collect and process data to transform it into the required information. 

We suggest you enhance your skills before applying for such a job, as it is high paying and highly competitive. For instance, your client will ask you to do the following tasks:

  • Data entry in the computer
  • Opt files
  • Other clerical work

Content Writing

Content writing is a big umbrella, and there are a lot of writing tasks that fall under it. Content creation is one of the most demanding jobs for beginners. Let's dive into more details about this high-paying, demanding job type that Upwork provides freelancers. You might do one of the following tasks as a content writer:

  • You can write blog posts
  • Research and create articles
  • Niche-specific writing content
Content Writing

We have researched and found that writing requires a lot more time, and clients on Upwork hire people who can perform the task for them with great precision and expertise. So, one thing is clear: content writing is for experts in the field, where you must have an excellent vocabulary with an engaging writing style.

Become SEO Content Writer

Content creation requires a good understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to create optimized content for websites and blogs. An SEO content writer can easily find a long-term project on Upwork to start their freelance career with the potential of generating a large amount of money. You should set up your portfolio and create a professional profile before hunting for clients.

Once you are ready to write as a content writer, we will suggest you select your niche. Niche examples are given below:

  • Medical
  • Lifestyle
  • Wedding
  • Finance
  • Economy

There are a lot more niches for writing blogs. Those mentioned above are just a few examples. The work key is simple. You can start with the lowest price and then raise it gradually after acquiring 5-star reviews from your clients. On average, the word count for blog articles ranges from 500 to 3000 words.

Location Based Jobs

Upwork is for those who are ready to learn new things and are adaptive to this online medium of job search for freelancers. We suggest you go for location-based jobs to deal with the high competition on Upwork.com. 

You might not have heard about the location-based job types on Upwork. But you do not need to worry about it. We are here to assist you in becoming a great freelancer. Once you add the location-based service to your profile, I will help you lower the Upwork pool competition. You can offer your services at some specific location. 

For example, if you are good at video making, you can mention your work location, and your client will hire you for the video recording. In this way, you can win the job by lowering the competition level. 

Voice Recording

Voice recording is another demanding but easy job you can do on Upwork as a freelancer. Voice recording is the opposite of that transcription. As the job title shows, your client will ask you to record your voice and transform the text into audio.

Voice Recording

There are a lot more companies that strive to search for low-priced voice recording experts to get their job done. One key aspect is your speaking skills and creative attitude toward speaking. Once you improve your voice recording capacity, you can have several companies as your long-term clients. 

Voice-over professionals are required to perform the following tasks for their clients:

  • Transform the written script into audio
  • The audio must contain the message as demanded by the client
  • Edit and review the audio files by using different software
  • Send the voice-over audio to the client

Initially, it would be best to manage your work at a lower price range, but gradually you can grow your skill and price range simultaneously. Just think of making money at the expense of your voice. It is one of the best Upwork jobs for beginners.

Jobs Based On Native Language

Language is a way of communicating with people around the globe. A new language allows you to enter a new language system. This job market is for you if you speak one or more languages other than English. Languages like Italian, Dutch, French, and others will help you stand out in the competitive pool of Upwork. 

The more languages you know, the more money you earn as a freelancer. Learning a language will broaden your scope and help you lower the competition. There are many English experts, but Spanish, Russian, Hindi, and Japanese experts are hardly available for Upwork freelancing tasks. 

Job searching in this regard is quite simple and specific. Start searching by writing your language in the search bar and exploring. If you find something that suits your language skills, go for it and start earning money as a beginner. You can do voice-overs or other typing tasks as a beginner in the field.

Customer Service

If nothing else, you can work as a customer service representative for your client. You will be surprised to know that thousands of customer service jobs are available at Upwork for newbies and freelancers searching for an easy but promising job market on the said platform. Examples of such jobs are given below:

Upwork Jobs
  • You might be asked to work via your phone
  • You might be asked to do live chats
  • You can also do customer service support via email

You can opt for these jobs even if you are looking for part-time online work. For customer service jobs, clients mostly hire freelancers on an hourly basis. So, it would be your choice to work full-time or part-time, depending upon your ease and comfort. 

Initially, we suggest you work at lower rates and avoid contacting big companies, as they will ask for some prior experience. Beginners should apply for jobs where the clients are more likely to hire beginners for their minor projects. Try to earn 5-star reviews to build your work profile for betterment in the future. 

The pay scale for such online freelance jobs ranges from $10 to $20 per hour, depending on your skill, experience, and profile ranking.

Virtual Assistant

Once you decide to earn your living as a freelancer, plenty of options are available. All you need is to enhance your skills in a specific field to grow potentially and earn respectable earnings for your family. Working as a virtual assistant is one option if you are a beginner freelancer, especially on Upwork.

Virtual Assistant Jobs On Upwork

The primary purpose of VAs is to manage their clients' businesses according to their preferences. For instance, your work will include the following:

  • You can book and manage travel tours
  • You can do data entry
  • Manage and schedule appointments
  • Social Media management

Our point of interest in the VA category is due to the ease of doing these things, which generally revolve around managing content, entering data, and sending emails.  

You can earn a respectable amount as a virtual assistant on Upwork. On average, you can easily make up to $1000 or more per week. You might need to increase your working hours to earn more.

Website & App Testing

Our purpose is to provide our readers with all the relevant information so that they can initiate or continue their freelancing career right after reading this article. Our Upwork job list for beginners includes the best Upwork jobs for newbies like you. Website and testing gigs can be your earning source on Upwork jobs. This job type is ever-demanding as companies regularly hire freelancers to test websites and apps to provide users with a great experience using those websites and apps after launch.

Logo Designing Jobs On Upwork

You might consider yourself a quality assurance officer while doing this job. The best thing is that it falls under easy Upwork freelance jobs.

In our opinion, you need to prepare yourself for online work, and you will find your place in the market. When you explore this category with a critical eye, you will find that most of these jobs require no prior experience.

The developer’s purpose is to improve the app as per your honest review and feedback about the app under QA analysis.

Logo Designing Gigs

If your thirst for finding the best Upwork jobs for beginners is not satisfied yet, logo designing is another option for you to start your career as a freelancer. Logo designers are in high demand on Upwork, where thousands of freelancers are selling their services online to millions of online clients and customers.

Logo Designer

You can target both individual clients and companies for logo designing services. Your prime mission would be to make a perfect design based on the client’s preferences.  

If you are making up your mind to be a logo designer, we suggest you have an impressive portfolio that can attract maximum clients. To create a perfect logo, you must first study the market and your client’s brand, explore and analyze his competitors, and everything that can assist you in your task. Always aim for a 5-star review from your client to boost your business on Upwork.

Amazon FBA Specialist 

Lastly, this article has included an Amazon FBA specialist in the Upwork job list. Previously, this type of job was not so common, but now many freelancers are providing their clients with the services of FBA specialists and earning a respectable income to meet their needs.

Amazon Fba Specialist 

An FBA specialist is supposed to do the following:

  • Create amazon listings
  • Manage the listings for amazon optimization
  • Running paid campaigns

Once you decide to start your online work as an FBA specialist, we will suggest you acquire and enhance the skills to groom in the field. Not everyone can manage and report accounts where the report comprises of the following:

  • Competitive listings
  • Performance matrix
  • Top-notch keywords
  • Product pricing

It's good if you already have an idea regarding the subject. Otherwise, you can do relevant courses, which are readily available.

Tips & Tricks To Get Hired On Upwork

On Creating an account on Upwork your mind will get the question is Upwork worth it to give you Job? Upwork is one of the trusted platforms for freelance workers. To succeed in your online venture through Upwork, you need to take care of the following points:

Getting Hired On Upwork
  • Strive to get a 5-star review rating
  • Create good networking with your clients
  • Learn to formulate a robust proposal
  • Keep enhancing the skills you offer

Despite your ability to perform the task as desired by your client, we suggest you keep your rates low initially. Consider it an investment in your freelance business. After building your Upwork profile history with 5-star review ratings, you can gradually increase the pricing for your services. Have faith, keep doing your work with maximum potential, and you will earn a lot of money through this trusted platform.

1. Search Regularly

Always remember that Upwork is highly competitive, and you need to regularly search for new jobs so that you can apply first to get hired.

2. Apply Rapidly

After searching, the next step is to apply for the job as fast as possible to compete with the other freelance workers applying for the same job.

3. Use Keywords

If you want a freelance job, you must first know how to use keywords for job searching. It will save you time and energy and help you find your dream job swiftly.

4. Keep The Pricing Low

At the beginning of your Upwork freelance career, we advise you to keep your pricing as low as possible to get maximum orders and 5-star review ratings to build your profile. Over time, you can raise your rates to boost your career.

5. Create & Maintain Upwork Profile

Creating and maintaining your profile is crucial to finding jobs on Upwork as a freelancer and getting hired. Ponder upon the following points:

  • Add a professional profile photo
  • Describe what you do impressively
  • Mention your education
  • Upload certifications
  • You can also generate two specialized profiles if you want
  • Tag your profile with your experience level
  • Generate a portfolio
  • Mention your skill set
  • Attempt and complete the Upwork test

6. Upwork Connects

Upwork provides its freelancers with 10 monthly Connects, which you might consider tokens. You can spend these Connects to apply for a new job. We will suggest you use your Connects wisely. You can buy new Connects at the expense of $0.15 for each Connect. If you clear the Upwork test, you can achieve 40 free connects for your profile.

Available Connects On Upwork

Upwork Readiness Test

The readiness test is highly recommended to take to boost your profile. Upwork allows its users to apply for Upwork's rising talent program. This program will make your profile stand out in the marketplace. The test involves 10 questions by which Upwork will analyze your knowledge of the platform and how to work on it safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upwork requires certain things to be fulfilled before applying for a job. If you fail to achieve any of the following points, you might not get any jobs on Upwork: 

  • A perfectly managed professional profile
  • Learn to prepare professional proposals
  • Regularly search for job posts
  • A professional portfolio

Lastly, we suggest you spend enough time on the platform to get hired.

The short answer is yes; you can earn a handsome living through this wonderful platform if you fulfill all the requirements and skills required to start your career as a freelancer and the skills needed to get hired on Upwork.

There are several profitable skills by which you can earn a reputable living on Upwork. The most profitable skills on upwork.com include the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Graphic Designing
  • Blogging
  • Mobile App Development
  • Video Editing
  • And many others

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